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"FUNDAMENTSTROYMAKS" LLC is a constantly developing organization that unites a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of engineering surveys (geophysics, geodesy, engineering and geological surveys in Ukraine, technical inspection and certification of buildings and structures, design works.

"FUNDAMENTSTROYMAKS" LLC provides a wide range of services in geophysical, engineering and geological surveys in Ukraine, hydrogeology, seismic microzoning, technical inspection and certification of buildings and structures at various facilities, including those of a higher class of responsibility (NPP, TPP, CHP, hydrotechnical structures, objects of the gas transportation system), engineering and geodetic works (topographic surveying, GPS surveying, geodetic monitoring of the tilt of buildings and structures, etc.), design, as well as development of management software for various monitoring systems and databases.

The experience includes 15 years of successful continuous work in the above-mentioned areas of activity throughout Ukraine. "FUNDAMENTSTROYMAKS" LLC was approved by the decision of SE NAEC "Energoatom" as a service provider for the following types of activities:

  • • examination and assessment of the current technical condition of structures of buildings and structures of NPP power units, including for the purpose of reassigning their resource/term of operation;

  • • carrying out calculations, substantiations, assessment of seismic resistance of buildings, structures, equipment and pipelines of the NPP, as well as construction of a complex of accelerograms and response spectra;

  • • coordination and implementation of new technologies, methods, technical means of control and operation of localizing safety systems at NPP power units;

  • • control of metal and reinforced concrete structures by non-destructive methods;

  • • development of normative and production documentation on issues of geophysics, geodesy and engineering and geological investigations;

  • • implementation of scientific and technical and engineering and design activities in the field of construction;

  • • implementation of engineering-geological, engineering-geodesic searches at NPP sites. "FUNDAMENTSTROYMAX" LLC is the developer of the normative act "Seismic microzoning for nuclear energy facilities".

During the company's existence, we have formed a serious material base that allows us to solve complex tasks using various methods, based on the customer's requirements, and we have also assembled a team of responsible and result-oriented professionals who turn the problems and complexities of any project into new opportunities for the development of our clients .

Our organization has a staff of highly qualified specialists, a modern material and technical base, the latest methods and data processing software. We have a full package of necessary licenses and permits for work in various fields (geodetic, engineering and geological surveys, geophysics, technical inspection of buildings and structures, design works, etc.).

"FUNDAMENTSTROYMAKS" LLC has the necessary specialists and equipment to carry out inspection and assessment of the technical condition of buildings and structures, including for non-destructive testing.

It has its own production base equipped with metalworking and welding equipment. Drilling, pumping, compressor equipment, hand power tools of the leading manufacturers are available for drilling and construction work: BOSCH, Makita, HILTI.

Technical tests and research

Specialists of our organization perform the following types of tests and research: research of physical and operational characteristics of materials, such as thickness, wear resistance, strength, etc., testing of properties and reliability of materials, analysis of destruction. To perform these works, the organization has devices and equipment of the world's leading manufacturers that have passed metrological certification. Specialists with extensive work experience and relevant expert qualification certificates work in the organization.

Inspection, assessment of technical condition and certification of buildings and structures

Since 2008, our organization has been providing services for surveying, assessing the technical condition and certification of buildings and structures. By the decision of SE "NAEK" Energoatom, LLC "FUNDAMENTSTROYMAX" was approved as a provider of services for surveying and assessing the current technical condition of structures of buildings and structures of NPP power units, including for the purpose of reassigning their resource/term of operation, as well as other services related to localizing security systems.

Seismic microzoning in Ukraine

A full range of works on seismic microzoning is being carried out to clarify the seismicity of sites in accordance with DBN V.1.1-12:2014 CONSTRUCTION IN SEISMIC REGIONS OF UKRAINE. There is necessary field equipment and software complexes for calculation work. The company "FUNDAMENTSTROYMAKS" performed (is performing) seismic microzoning in Ukraine at sites of nuclear and thermal power plants, ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih facilities, PJSC METINVEST, construction sites of high-rise residential buildings and other industrial and civil facilities.

Geodetic services in Ukraine

Geodetic surveying is necessary at the initial stage of any construction, reconstruction, production and even in trade. Geodetic work is carried out using modern high-precision equipment that undergoes annual metrological inspection, the result of the geodetic work is provided in a form convenient for the customer. Specialists of our organization are distinguished not only by theoretical, but also by rich practical experience and perform all necessary geodetic services.

Geophysical searches

To date, the specialists of "FUNDAMENTSTROYMAKS" LLC have accumulated a lot of experience in conducting geophysical surveys while solving a wide range of tasks in construction, reconstruction and design. The following technologies are used: the technology of complex regional analysis of geological and geophysical data, the technology of magnetotelluric soundings (MTZ), the technology of vertical electrical soundings (VEZ), the technology of shallow seismic exploration.

Engineering and geological prospecting in Ukraine

"FUNDAMENTSTROYMAX" LLC has a division for the implementation of a complex of works on engineering-geological and hydrogeological studies for construction and reconstruction, which includes experienced specialists who have extensive experience in field work. There are various drilling rigs for the work, including a small-sized mobile rig that allows you to work in hard-to-reach places. The customer is issued a report based on the results of laboratory tests of soils and water samples, necessary for project work.

Design and calculation works

"FUNDAMENTSTROYMAX" LLC performs various design and calculation works on the seismic resistance of buildings, structures, equipment of nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, thermal power plants, verification calculations, as well as enclosing dams of sludge storages and ash dumps for reconstruction projects.

Legal address:
52071, Dnipropetrovsk region, Dniprovskyi district, Doslydne village, Naukova street, 54A, office 48


Director: Pryadka Vladimir

Chief engineer: Kostyuk Rostislav

tel. +38 050 342 98 88