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At present, specialists of LLC "Fundamentstroymaks" has accumulated considerable experience in conducting geophysical surveys for a wide range of problems of hydrogeology, engineering geology, petroleum geology, seismic hazard zoning. Our specialists use the following technologies

Technology of complex regional analysis of geological and geophysical data

Used in the regional stage studies for geological and hydrogeological researches, and includes: - A 3D analysis of Earth remote sensing (RS), geophysical data and databases of actual geological material. - Making hydrogeological, geomorphological and tectonic maps. - Making global models catchment of region. - Analysis of prospective areas for mining in the model neotectonic activity of the region and its position in the model catchment of region. - Calculate the presence of favorable conditions for the concentration of mineral substances within the prospects. - Determine the optimal position on the ground network mining for mineral exploration. - Determine the optimal position of network for geophysical surveys. The initial data for this research are: - Topographic base. - RS data in the form of multi-spectral satellite images. - RS data in the form of digital terrain models (Shuttle Radar Topography). - Database actual geological material. - Geophysical basis.

Technology Magnetotellurics (MT)

MT method is based on natural low-frequency electromagnetic fields for the study of the geoelectric structure of the region. MT is the most subsurface of electromagnetic method, while the equipment for measuring relatively compact, which provides high-situ observation. In addition, the method is characterized by high productivity and environmental safety. MT applications of important areas - the study of the properties of rocks that form the sedimentary cover and the base region to estimation the hydrocarbon perspective and the allocation of deep faults in the Earth's crust for seismic hazard assessment. The method is used either alone or in combination with seismic, adding it received information on the situation of geological boundaries information about rocks properties. MT technology includes equipment and software for all stages of the acquisition of data, processing and interpretation. Measurements of the electric and magnetic field components produced by plants MTU-5 manufactured by Phoenix (Toronto, Canada). Perennial improving equipment and method allowed to obtain data with high precision and in any weather conditions. Used for this software package allows you to quickly process the data in the field and on the basis of the results to make operational decisions to optimize the network of observations and methods of surveys.

Technology electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) or electrical resistivity imaging (ERI)

ERT technology - is the most tested and known electrical technology designed to decision the different problems associated with the study of the geological environment to a depth of about a hundred meters. In the ERT is measured artificial constant electric field, from which the extracted information about the distribution of the electrical resistance in the ground. ERT method is one of the key for geophysical studies of the geological environment to depths reaching a hundred meters. It is used to geomapping, in prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, in hydrogeological, geotechnical and ecological studies. Near surface sounding ERT modification applied to the solution of archaeological and geotechnical problems. At present, the practice of electrical works being promoted modification of ERT – electric tomography. Interpretation of the electric tomography data is carried out in the framework of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models. This principle extends the range of solved problems electromagnetics.

Near surface seismic technology

Near surface seismic methods are used to obtain velocity models of the upper part of the geological section (tens of meters). This information is used for the seismic zoning and prediction of physical and mechanical properties of soils for industrial and civil building.

Along with the technology, in some cases, we use a high-frequency geomagnetic prospecting and method of the natural pulse electromagnetic field of the Earth observation.

The Company "Fundamentstroymaks" developed in five key areas:

Geophysical following hydrogeological and geological survey, engineering-geological and geophysical studies on building areas in engineering and technical investigation of buildings and structures, microseismic hazard zoning.

Develop and implement projects to enhance the load-bearing structures of buildings, enhance soil base fixing cementation method, the design of metal structures and cottages for individuals. Engineering and technical investigation and certification of buildings and constructions, including nuclear power plants.

Civil works, which include excavation, concrete, stone, roofing, assembly, finishing, work on installing door and window units, construction dewatering. Work on the insulation, waterproofing and corrosion protection of structures and pipelines. We implementation of a general contractor in the building. Engineering-geodesy survey.

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